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If you have a business whether it is small or big you probably have network of computers. As today all the data of any-sized company is keeping in computer-generated form the protection of your network should be considered thoughtfully. There are plenty of network solutions available for today, but how to choose the right one exactly for your company. For instance, if the virus enters your network or if someone wants to get your data and security can be threatened, your network provider must be ready to protect you properly. iZone wants to share with you some tips you need to consider before choosing a network provider.

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iZone Technologies professional network installation provides fast and secure connections for optimal operation and safety of your business. We guarantee fast and reliable network systems with our first-rate services.

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Launched as a distributed computer network for government and academia in the 1960s, the Internet has become a fundamental part of people's lives. The net's open architecture and standard technical protocols support countless innovations, most of which were never imagined by its designers.


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B/5, Talbag, Thana Road, Savar
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